Christmas crunch

I call this Christmas crunch Bc holidays is the only time I make it 🎄
You can use any kind of cereal or candies
This is just how I make mine
In the bowl is half of the cereals in the pic, half the bag of pretzels, full bag of the Reese’s, & half the bag of the M&M’s
I do not measure! I just pour out my stuff when I think I have enough of each dry ingredient.
Mix all dry ingredients together in a bowl
Melt white chocolate bark in a double boiler or a candy melt pot (can use milk chocolate flavor too)
Pour melted bark over dry mix & stir
Spread the mix out on wax paper
Let it sit for 15-20 minutes
I break mine up in chunks & store in tupperware
This amount will be enough for 40 people for a work party
(Mixing bowl is 8qt size & I got the candy melt pot from Amazon)

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