bacon ranch casserole

Chicken bacon ranch casserole!🤤
(This recipe is MY version that I made for 3 people) make it how you’d like!☺️
• You can use chicken breasts, but I found chicken thighs were cheaper and juicer than breasts.
Only spent $25 on everything.
You will need:
– Rotini noodles (1 box)
– Alfredo sauce (1 jar)
– Ranch (half a bottle)
– Bacon or bacon bits (my fav cheap lazy way😂)
– Boneless skinless chicken thighs (4)
– Your choice of cheese(s) I used Colby Jack and triple cheddar.
1. Cook and season your chicken and cut into small pieces.
2. Cook bacon cut into small pieces (skip this step if using bits)
3. Cook your noodles
4. Mix ranch and Alfredo together in a bowl.
5. Layer noodles, chicken, sauce, cheese and bacon and repeat until finished.
6. Bake for 10-15 minutes at 350 and let cool.
Quick, easy and cheap!
EDIT: I forgot to mention, I bake at 350, I use half a jar of Alfredo and half bottle of ranch, but it can depend on how many you’re cooking for.
There IS a more precise recipe somewhere in the comments, if you want to follow that, this is MY version of this casserole made for my small family. So I don’t have exact measurements. I usually eyeball it when I make it so I don’t waste any food! Have fun and happy eating

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