Cheesey chicken Alfredo stuffed bread

Cheesey chicken Alfredo stuffed bread. Cost me about $11 and fed 5 people 2 adults and 3 children and we still have leftover pasta.
$1 Italian loaf
$.80 penne
$2 Alfredo sauce
$4 cans of chicken
$1 bag of broccoli
$2 cheese
Extra ingredients were garlic,butter,Parmesan,seasonings, milk.
“Wow” thanks for all the likes and shares.
Recipe : All posted ingredients above , Start a skillet with some butter & oil add chicken let that sauté for a few minutes add pre steamed broccoli in and mix that together it should fall apart that’s ok. Add one jar of Alfredo sauce of choice to chicken and broccoli followed by a cup of milk , you don’t have to but it makes it more creamy. Low simmer and boil penne noodles follow directions on box. Mix noodles into your pan with chicken broccoli and Alfredo . Let simmer together. Take a half stick butter and about 2-3 garlic cloves pressed into a bowl and melt. Cut middle out of Italian loaf and flatten the inside bottom of Italian loaf so you have room to put Alfredo in do that and add cheese on top of the chicken Alfredo and pour melted garlic butter over top making sure to get the sides of the Italian loaf. Place in oven 375 -400 until everything is hot again and bread is crispy. And enjoy!! *side note* please season your Alfredo as well with whatever seasonings you will like Italian seasoning parsley or a complete seasoning spice

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