EASY MISSISSIPPI POT ROAST – Done with just FIVE ingredient 😍

3-4 pounds chuck roast, (about 1.5 kg), boneless and trimmed of excess fat
1 packet au jus mix, (1 oz), or brown gravy mix
1 packet ranch mix, (1 oz)
1/4 cup unsalted butter
8-10 pepperoncini peppers

Slow Cooker:
Place the chuck roast into a 6-quart slow cooker.
Sprinkle au jus mix and ranch mix on top of the roast.
Add butter and peppers around the roast.
Cover the slow cooker. Cook on LOW setting for 8 hours, or HIGH for 4-5 hours, or until the meat is fork-tender.
Remove the cover and shred the roast using two forks.
Garnish with optional minced parsley and drizzle with gravy. Serve with potatoes, mashed potatoes, rice or noodles.

Instant Pot:
Turn the instant pot onto SautΓ© mode. Add 1 tablespoon of oil followed by the meat. Sear the roast on all sides (4-5 minutes on each side) until nicely browned.
Add the pepperoncini peppers, ranch mix, au jus mix, butter, and ΒΎ cup of water. Cover with the lid and close the steam valve.
Turn off SautΓ© mode and set to β€œManual” mode for β€œHigh” Pressure Cook for 80 minutes.
After the cooking cycle finishes, allow for a natural pressure release (about 15 minutes). After that, use the quick pressure lever to manually release any remaining pressure and turn off the pot.
Carefully remove the lid and transfer the roast to a plate and serve.

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