2 cups orange juice (freshly squeezed or store-bought)
1 can (14 ounces) sweetened condensed milk
Optional: orange zest or orange slices for garnish
1. Ensure that the orange juice is cooled down before starting the recipe.
2. In a large bowl, combine the orange juice and sweetened condensed milk.
3. Use an electric mixer or a paddle attachment to blend the mixture thoroughly until smooth and well combined.
4. For an extra burst of orange flavor, consider adding a teaspoon of orange zest to the mixture. Mix it in well.
5. Pour the blended mixture into a freezer-safe bowl or loaf pan. Make sure the container has enough space to accommodate the mixture while allowing room for expansion.
6. Cover the container with a lid or plastic wrap to prevent ice crystals from forming on the surface. Place the container in the freezer.
7. Allow the sorbet mixture to freeze and solidify for at least 6 hours, or preferably overnight.
8. When you’re ready to enjoy your homemade orange sherbet, remove the container from the freezer and let it sit at room temperature for a few minutes. This will soften the sorbet slightly, making it easier to scoop.
9. Scoop the orange sherbet into bowls or cones for serving.
10. If you’d like, you can enhance the presentation by garnishing the sherbet with a sprinkle of orange zest or a slice of fresh orange.
11. Indulge in the creamy, refreshing goodness of your homemade two-ingredient orange sherbet!

Tips to Make 2-Ingredient Orange Sherbet

  1. Choose Quality Orange Juice: For the best flavor, use freshly squeezed orange juice if possible. If using store-bought juice, opt for a high-quality brand with no added sugars or artificial flavors.
  2. Chill Ingredients: To speed up the freezing process, chill the orange juice and sweetened condensed milk in the refrigerator before mixing them together. Cold ingredients freeze more quickly and evenly.
  3. Experiment with Flavors: While this recipe calls for just two ingredients, feel free to get creative with additional flavorings. Add a splash of vanilla extract for a hint of sweetness, or stir in a tablespoon of orange liqueur for a more intense orange flavor.
  4. Adjust Sweetness: Depending on your preference, you can adjust the sweetness of the sherbet by adding more or less sweetened condensed milk. Taste the mixture before freezing and adjust accordingly.
  5. Texture Enhancement: For a smoother texture, strain the orange juice before mixing it with the sweetened condensed milk to remove any pulp or fibers. This will result in a creamier sherbet.
  6. Mixing Techniques: When blending the orange juice and sweetened condensed milk, use a handheld electric mixer or a stand mixer with a paddle attachment for the smoothest consistency. Mix until the mixture is completely smooth and well combined.
  7. Freezing Container: Choose a shallow, freezer-safe container for freezing the sherbet. A shallow container allows the sherbet to freeze more quickly and evenly. A loaf pan or shallow dish works well.
  8. Prevent Freezer Burn: To prevent freezer burn and maintain the freshness of the sherbet, press a piece of plastic wrap directly onto the surface of the mixture before covering the container with a lid. This creates a barrier that prevents ice crystals from forming on the surface.
  9. Serve Chilled: For the best texture and flavor, serve the orange sherbet chilled but not overly frozen. Let it sit at room temperature for a few minutes before scooping to soften slightly.
  10. Garnish Creatively: Elevate the presentation of your orange sherbet by garnishing it with fresh orange zest, a sprig of mint, or a slice of orange on the side of the serving dish. This adds a pop of color and freshness to the dessert.
  11. Enjoy Variations: While orange sherbet is delicious on its own, consider serving it alongside other desserts such as pound cake, shortbread cookies, or fresh fruit for a fun and refreshing dessert spread

FAQ about 2-Ingredient Orange Sherbet

Q: Can I use bottled orange juice instead of freshly squeezed? A: Yes, you can use either freshly squeezed orange juice or store-bought bottled orange juice for this recipe. Just ensure that the juice is pure orange juice without any added sugars or flavors for the best results.

Q: Can I use low-fat or fat-free sweetened condensed milk? A: Yes, you can use low-fat or fat-free sweetened condensed milk as a healthier alternative. However, keep in mind that the texture and creaminess of the sherbet may be slightly affected compared to using regular sweetened condensed milk.

Q: How long does the orange sherbet need to freeze before it’s ready to serve? A: It’s best to allow the sherbet mixture to freeze and solidify for at least 6 hours, preferably overnight, for the best texture and flavor. This ensures that the sherbet is fully frozen and scoopable.

Q: Can I use an ice cream maker to churn the sherbet mixture? A: While this recipe doesn’t require an ice cream maker, you can certainly use one if you prefer. Simply follow the manufacturer’s instructions for churning sorbet or ice cream using your ice cream maker.

Q: Can I store leftovers of the orange sherbet in the freezer? A: Yes, any leftover orange sherbet can be stored in the freezer for later enjoyment. Transfer the sherbet to an airtight container and store it in the freezer for up to a few weeks. Let it sit at room temperature for a few minutes to soften slightly before scooping.

Q: Can I make variations of this recipe with different fruit juices? A: Absolutely! You can experiment with different fruit juices to create various flavors of sherbet. Try using lemon juice, lime juice, pineapple juice, or even mango juice for delicious fruity variations.

Q: Can I make this recipe dairy-free or vegan? A: Yes, you can make a dairy-free or vegan version of this recipe by using a dairy-free alternative to sweetened condensed milk, such as coconut condensed milk or a homemade dairy-free condensed milk substitute. Ensure that all ingredients used are vegan-friendly.

Q: Can I add other mix-ins or flavors to the sherbet? A: Yes, feel free to get creative and add additional mix-ins or flavors to customize your sherbet. You can add chunks of fresh fruit, chopped nuts, or even a splash of flavored syrup for extra taste and texture. Experiment and have fun with it

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