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Thank you to whoever posted this originally. I absolutely love this recipe, I put it into 3 oz cups for easier quick snacks.
Sugar-free cheesecake pudding treat which is 100% sugar-free and around 1 carb per 2 ounces.
1 small box of Sugar-free cheesecake Jell-o
2 cups Heavy whipping cream – I buy generic at Aldi it’s the best tasting to me.

You can eat it as pudding or as a fruit dip or you can make a sugar-free cheesecake by creating an almond flour crust.
** variation — some people use premiere protein vanilla for their milk substitute instead of heavy whipping cream but it’s not as fluffy to my liking.

You can add some light cream cheese  and it’s even better and adds no carbs. you can also use the water flavoring packets added to greek yogurt for a fruity type dessert. Add fresh berries or fruit,some granola or nuts and seeds, or just eat it plain.

1 cup of yogurt to 1 packet of flavor is usually a good amount. (I always just eyeball measurements in things like this.)

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