So since we were basically iced in today i decided to try my go at the Doritos casserole that’s going around on fb lately.
It’s super easy to make. Trust me i can’t cook to save my life. Lol
Literally only takes 15-20 min and boom supper is ready!
My version of Doritos Casserole
3lbs of ground beef
2 cans of cheddar cheese soup
2 cans of cream of chicken soup
2 cans of evaporated milk
1 can of minced green chilis
1 Family size bag of nacho Doritos
Shredded cheese- we used Parmesan shredded cheese instead of mixed
You can dress it up by adding onions and jalepenos as your cooking the meat.
Cook meat, drain then add all of the canned items. Simmer about 5 mins.
Layer chips, meat mixture and cheese, repeat for a second layer and put in a 350 oven long enough to melt cheese.

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