Lasagna stuffed garlic bread

Lasagna stuffed garlic bread 🙌
•garlic bread from Walmart (any type works) I got the long ones
•lasagna noodles
•3lbs hamburger meat
•2 jars of garlic falvored spaghetti sauce
•1 onion
• 1 clove of fresh garlic
•minced garlic, garlic powder, garlic salt
•cottage cheese ( you won’t use whole container unless you like alot of it)
•parmesan shredded cheese & cheddar cheese
•hollow out the bread
•brown hamburger meat & diced onion
•drain hamburger meat & pour in sauce
•cook lasagna noodles per box instructions
•place noodle down on bread first then layer of cottage cheese, hamburger meat & repeat another layer then top with shredded cheese
•melt butter with minced garlic (I use the ones in water) put a little garlic salt & garlic powder in melted butter then brush all over the bread then sprinkle a little garlic powder all over then bake at 350 until bread is to your liking! 2 loafs feed my family of & plus leftovers for lunch! I just cut the loaf into sections

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