Found this amazing Funyun chicken strip recipe on here and had to share again! These chicken strips are absolutely delicious. If you haven’t had them before they are definitely worth a shot 😁
What ya need:
1lb of chicken cut into strips
A bag or more of crushed Funyuns
Eggs for egg wash
Cayenne pepper
Crush your Funyuns and season with cayenne pepper to taste. Put crushed Funyuns onto a shallow dish or plate. Make egg wash in another shallow dish. Put flour on a third shallow dish. Cut chicken into strips and pat dry. Dredge chicken strips in flour and shake of excess, then place in egg wash and shake excess off again, lastly place chicken in crushed Funyuns making sure to coat them thoroughly. You can cook these in the air fryer or fry them in oil on a skillet. If using an air fryer, cook chicken at 385 degrees for 15-20 minutes flipping halfway through. I like serving this dish with corn and a side salad

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