Cheap and easy breakfast sandwiches

Cheap and easy breakfast sandwiches!
3 – 8ct Great Value butter biscuits
1 roll Blue & Gold Sausage (itโ€™s an Oklahoma thingโ€ฆ any brand will do!)
Wax paper
Gallon ziplock bags
Cook biscuits and sausage to your preference. Wrap sausage biscuits in wax paper. Then place in a ziplock bag. Since I cook up a lot, I put mine in the freezer.
To reheat: leave in wax paper and microwave for 30-45 seconds. Enjoy!
PS: you can add egg and cheese to these too, but my daughter doesnโ€™t like either on hers, so plain it is for this round!
PSS: you can even use English muffins. Add cheese, egg, and Canadian bacon/ham for a twist!

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