Wanted to share because it’s super filling, cheap and easy to make!
Ham, broccoli and cheddar pasta 🤗
We used…
1 box Ditalini pasta
2 packs of diced ham (could’ve sufficed with 1)
1 large crown of broccoli (cut really small for our 2 year old)
2 jars of classic Alfredo sauce
1 bag of sharp white cheddar (optional, we used for more of a cheese-y taste)
Everything was done within 10-15 minutes!
Absolutely delicious! 🤤
We served this warm but you could always do it cold too!
While the pasta cooked, which doesn’t take very long because it’s small, we heated up the Alfredo and mixed the cheese in with it but did it on low so it would have a thinner consistency. The broccoli is also fresh and was steamed for only a few minutes so it was tender but wouldn’t fall apart when you mixed everything together. We also used pre-diced ham to save prep time!
Once your broccoli, pasta and sauce are all done, mix everything together in a big pot and let it warm up on the stove top for a few minutes if you want it served warm!
If you want it served cold, still mix everything together and let chill in the fridge for a few hours, then you’re ready to go!
Hope that helps! Sorry I didn’t add earlier, I didn’t think this would be so popular

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